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Created 2013-12-26
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Title Moncler Amsterdam rsquo
Description She took a seat on the throne in the gallery and waited for the Queen's Knights to be brought in. Cecilia had to remain calm <a href="">Moncler Dunjacka</a> as calm as she looked, she didn't want to show fear in front of the enemy. She didn \x26amp; rsquo ; t want to call her sister's men her enemies either, but they regarded her as such.
Sitting in the throne reminded of Cecilia of her life before her father's death. She got married when she was fifteen. She remembered her sister being jealous of the wedding, but their father wanted Ella to be able to choose her own husband.
Even though Cecilia couldn't choose her own husband, she was happy with her father's choice. Prince Armando of Zorr was eighteen and handsome. Like Cecilia, Prince Armando was the third in line for the throne in his land. He was tall, with light brown hair and light blue eyes.
When they were married, both of their fathers had given the young couple the castle in between the two kingdoms. The lonely gallery was once filled with the peasants and farmers wanting to get their claims heard in front of the prince and princess.Most of those people are probably dead now, she thought, and for what? Nothing.
"Princess, the Queen's guard is here and requests your audience," her page announced.
She took a deep breath, and swallowed. She was ready, well she looked ready anyway. Mary Ellen had chosen a dress for Cecilia that was a deep green, to match her eyes. Her thick dark hair was pulled back into a braid. Cecilia tried to keep her voice even as she said, "Bring them in."
In a minute six men stood before her. They bowed before they spoke, but Cecilia couldn't help but notice how shallow they bowed and they were obviously displeased of how long they were kept waiting. "Princess Cecilia, the Queen, Ella the third of Lane, has sent us here to bring you back to the kingdom. There, you will stand trial for treason against Her Majesty. "
She nodded as she closed her eyes and took another deep breath. Her face was ashen as she summoned her maid of honor and the page. "Tell <a href="">Outlet Moncler</a> the master of the horse to prepare the horses for the journey. We leave at dawn. "
"Actually, Princess, we are leaving with you tonight," one of the knights said.
"But it'll be dark soon!" Mary Ellen exclaimed with as much shock as Cecilia was feeling. "The Princess needs to rest!"
"I'm sorry, my lady, but it's the Queen's orders," one of the younger knights said.
"But," Mary Ellen started, but Cecilia interrupted.
"We will do whatever her Majesty commands. Tell the master of the horse to prepare our horses, and tell the chamber maids to pack my things."
Mary Ellen led Cecilia back to her bed chambers. Her chamber maids were well on their way to packing her things. While Cecilia took her seat back on the window sill, Mary Ellen paced back and forth.
"Sit down, Mary Ellen," Cecilia commanded, "You are making me nervous."
"But the things in the woods, they could kill us!" Mary Ellen said, turning back to Cecilia. Then quicker than Cecilia had ever seen anyone ever move, Mary Ellen was at her feet, grabbing Cecilia's hands. "Please your majesty, you have to wait to leave until tomorrow."
"I'm sorry, but we have to leave tonight," Cecilia said, stroking a piece of Mary Ellen's loose brown hair back. "The sooner we get there, the sooner I will know what my fate is , and then the sooner you can get back to your life. "
It then occurred to Cecilia that she knew nothing of her maid's life. All she knew about her is that she came from a small family in Zorr. Even though Mary Ellen was just a couple years older than Cecilia, she couldn't help but notice that sometimes Mary Ellen's dialect didn't sound right, as if she came from a different part of the world, or a different century. Also her companion always seemed older than her age, besides now. Mary Ellen was a sobbing mess at Cecilia's feet, her face resting in Cecilia's lap.
"But I love you," She heard Mary Ellen say in between a sob.
"I love you too, but surely you must have someone else. A suitor or a family." Surely she must, Mary Ellen was just perfect and beautiful in every way. Cecilia wouldn't be surprised if Mary Ellen was married with three kids. She did know how to treat Cecilia when she was pregnant.
Mary Ellen shook her head. "No, Cecilia. <a href="">Moncler Uomo</a> You're the only one I have, and when your children and husband were here, your family was mine," she paused to look at Cecilia with her striking blue eyes. Mary Ellen reached up one of her hands to stroke Cecilia's face. "Please, don't go," she pleaded in a softer voice.
Cecilia was about to give in when one of the chambermaids knocked on the door. "Princess, your things are ready."