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Category Racing car parts
Created 2013-12-24
Owner wujienxdu
Title Canada Goose Jacket &quot
Description or working in the blacksmith catacombs below. &quot;Hey.&quot; Michelle blinked and turned, but wasn't quick enough to dodge the flicking hand. The tray splattered back to Michelle, the gunk of food smearing across her shirt and lap. The cafeteria went deadly quiet as Michelle stared at the one <a href="">Canada Goose Parka</a> named Ihara. She strode forward boldly as her eyes glittered wickedly while launching her hands forward, making Michelle stumble back, her arms flailing slightly regain balance. &quot;Whoops ...&quot; Ihara teased, giggling as her black, curly hair bounced along her shoulders. Gaaah, this chick again. <a href="">Canada Goose Outlet</a> Michelle's teeth clenched, her lips drawing into a line as she exhaled deeply. She swiped her hands down against her uniform, the mush of the food dropping to the floor as she shook her hands of the rest of it. She continued to stare at Ihara, seeing the Nobody grinning mischievously at her attempt to humiliate her. Well no wonder ..... Vanitas wasn't here doing the rounds today. Of course she would do it behind everyone's back inhigher command. Michelle huffed silently before continuing to make her way to her table, somewhat happy she wasn't going to eat today. Just ignore her, she reminded herself, Ihara would leave her alone .... eventually. However, the calmness was short lived as Michelle's shirt was gripped from behind. She was pulled back, grunting in surprise. She was swung around, slammed front first onto an occupied table. Michelle shut her eyes and blazed them open, her eyes glittering powerful with the icy feeling climbing up her arms. No ... not here. The prisoners that had occupied the table, their skin deep and olive, were quick back away, leaving Michelle to face Ihara alone. The one day Steve wasn't here .... &quot;When someone is talking to you .... it's impolite to walk away,&quot; Ihara hissed, growling slightly from behind. &quot;Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize that slapping a tray out of someone's <a href="">Canada Goose Outlet</a> hands then pushing them was sign-language for'Hello! How are you? '&quot; Michelle murmured steely under her breath. Ihara fumed, lifting the shirt to one side, &quot;Are you mocking me?!&quot; &quot;Of course not,&quot; Michelle retorted loudly. &quot;I would never want to mock you for the way you think or act.&quot; &quot;You little swine!&quot; Ihara hissed, slamming Michelle against the table once more. Here it comes- &quot;The only swine here I see is you.&quot; Ihara swiftly turned, though her grip was still firm against Michelle. Michelle turned, looking to the entrance of the cafeteria at the left. The door closed behind the girl standing there, her brown hair tied up, and looked .... rather different than the last time Michelle had seen her. Then, she spotted the difference, other than the black attire. Those golden eyes which could only mean one thing. Was that why she was here? Michelle's hope ... slightly dropped. She was one of them now ... how would they get out now? Ihara didn't seem too pleased as she let go of Michelle, though Michelle held onto the table