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Created 2013-12-24
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Description <p> on this seminar, whether dealers or factory representatives, referred to store this channel when no one party Exceptions to mention the rent, the rent is not considered a small high pressure, for "rent down," the voice is not small. As one of the few stores on behalf of the scene, outside the city, the blue house on the rent issue Jing Li also made concessions that it would do to compromise when appropriate. </P>

</strong> </font>

<p> <strong> stores promised to make compromises </strong> </p>

<p> Jing Li, general manager of Blue river very much agree with Liu's statement, he said the statement, "the store adjust rents to meet changes in the market it should be," but change the face of the industry and the market , manufacturers and distributors to seriously study the market is the key. "The market demand is still there, one to take Beijing as an example, there are more than 190 new residential submitted last year, there are more than 230 residential submitted, the entire household consumer market still has potential to be tapped." </P>

<p> market situation is bad, for the end consumer needs factory support dealers, stores make compromises, but the plant also has its own grievances and remedial measures, including the right to view Wen Shi, chairman of the most representative Italian style furniture. He believes that companies should in due course "downsizing" to do subtraction, select traveling light. </P>

<p> homely home released 2011 financial statements show sales are still on the rise, but profit margins declined by 5% -8%. Wang was vice president Gu standard home and think about their own mismanagement, for the future development of his mind with the right temperature and the world as peaceful and calm. "Factories also underlined the next 1-2 years if margins of 10% or 20%, Gu could not carry that have to do when you do subtraction subtraction." </P>

<p> Chinese Commercial News reporter Wang Ge </p>

<p> Let the factory and dealer stores give support to dealers and factory stores do their factories on their own initiative thin subtraction, how do they compromise the results of the <a href="">Moncler Bodywarmer</a> three parties need to market the game to test. </P>

<p> "no good brand stores, no matter how useless this platform, outside the city's development is inseparable from the brand and dealer support. As a compromise, I think it is stores, factories, dealers three parties have to do a thing, the downsizing of corporate downsizing, the dealer that closed shop closed shop, stores that rent reduction of rent reduction. "general manager Liu Changhe home outside the city, said the domestic industry is indeed very hard to make a living, how to do? Not complaining, only merit their own way, from product design, service, branding on improving competitiveness. <a href="">Moncler Winterjassen</a> Yoon Bo </p>

<p> "If you sell more then pay more rent, sell for less pay less rent, which is also called competitive market it? Hard skills to develop their own, grab the opponent's orders, the competitors pushed to the edge, We survived, this is the competition in the market. "Wen Shi believes that now" downsizing "the most important. Currently, Italian style furniture pursue principle is thin, traveling light, <a href="">Outlet Moncler</a> for the end of the five stores have been changed from the big stores shops, downsizing a lot. </P>

<p> mentioned margins, Guangdong furniture brand President of the Union, Cognex board president WHLao furniture provides such a set of data: do the furniture business, if the margin is less than 30% no payoff, because there are rents, wages and other costs; do high-end furniture business, profits rate to achieve more than 20% can also earn a little less than this figure enterprise would shed tears. </P>

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<p> 1 March 12, in the "2012 Beijing Seminar on market conditions," the National Federation of Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce, the factories, distributors and stores representatives agreed that for the current market, "winter", under the premise of cooperation to make a living the best way is to compromise. However, how to compromise, a compromise which side first, but caught in a tripartite game situation. </P>

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<p> <strong> dealers operating frustrated </strong> </p>

<p> <strong> plant will do subtraction </strong> </p>

<p> agent started Chairman Chang Hua Fu Shijie furniture that the next three years the market has to be washed at least three cards, the protagonist are stores, dealers and factories. In Shenyang, the brand has stores which first began to wash up in recent years with the actually home, Redstar and other supermarkets to enter, many local small stores closing last year alone five market collapse. The dealer is the second card, and finally turn the factory. "There is no savior of the world, dealers, stores, factories can not compromise that, if according to the original path to follow, we will die." </P>

<p> According to Wang Dawei revealed that in 2011 the overall profit decline Claes home there is not a small margin compared to 2010, all stores nationwide, only 1/3 of the shop to make money, 1/3 of the store flat, remaining Shop is a loss. "In 2012 the business process, if the store gives us the reduction of the rent reduction, the free-free, not just the factory price and good after-sales service, we can stick to the dealers must adhere to, even if it is slightly loss. "</p>

<p> "If our stores, factory support is not enough, resulting in excessive loss of our dealers in the market need to 100cc, 200cc, 500cc of blood to the market when we can, but it needs to 1000cc who would not offer. "Jan. 12, at home stores, factories and distributors gathered representatives of the tripartite" 2012 Beijing Seminar on market conditions "on its Agents dozen household products Claes Chairman Wang Dawei home with "blood" word vividly describes the plight of dealers, real estate regulation expressly unwavering upstream and downstream market demand is shrinking, the store rents are not cheap distribution environment providers to survive. </P>

<p align="center"> <font> <strong> </strong> </font> <font color="#0000ff"> whoever compromise, how to become a compromise Industry Focus </font> </p>

<p align="center"> <font color = "# ff0000" size = "5"> <strong> <font color="#ff0000" size="5"> <strong> factory dealer stores tripartite game </strong> </font> </strong> </font> </p>