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Category Racing car parts, performance
Created 2013-12-23
Owner airmax62
Title Brief introduction of Wing Chun
Description Brief introduction of Wing Chun<br><br>Wing Chun is one of Chinese Nanquan boxing, early popular in Guangdong, Fujian around. At the beginning, the fist came from Fujian Yongchun County, created by the county Yan Sanniang, in the name of boxing, so that "Wing Chun", also has the strict Yong Chun's name, called the "Wing Chun". This is the most popular modern Chinese martial arts, has rapidly developed in Europe. Now, practicing <a href="">wing chun clothing</a> is also very popular. Wing Chun boxing began to study to improve the body structure, joint activity and fluid mechanics, completely out of the traditional eight shares of the five elements gossip and like Italy, illusory, metaphysics and non scientific logic approximate philosophical interpretation.<br><br>The fist's main hand type is Eichhornia boxing