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main risk attached to the main risk categories

Insurance category (by insurance) <a href="">Canada Goose Outlet</a> hospital medical insurance


payment method
during the insurance period of this contract is one year.


insurance <a href="">Canada Goose Jacke</a> liability insurance liability insurance is divided into the basic parts and optional parts. The basic part of the amount including general insurance and hospitalization for cancer hospital
day two insurance liability amount, optional parts including organ transplant surgery insurance and medical insurance two responsibilities.

fundamental part of insurance policyholders must also add an optional part of the cast. An optional part of the insured when the insured, the insured shall also two
responsibility not only choose one insured.
When the insured or non-insured
first continuous coverage of the insured, the insured hospitalized due to illness, the waiting period of three months, continued
insurance or hospitalization due to accident <a href="">Canada Goose Outlet</a> no waiting period.

or hospital treatment of the waiting period before the policy is in force, the company pays the insurance liabilities. To occur during the period of insurance
and continue until the contract expires within one month after hospitalization, the Company has a negative liability insurance payment.

in the insurance validity of the insurance company shall undertake the following:

a fundamental part of the

1 is generally the amount of hospitalization insurance: insured person due to illness diagnosed by the hospital to be hospitalized, the insured person from each company
start the fourth day of hospitalization by length of stay in hospital for a few days the amount of insurance benefits, namely: the amount of each disease hospitalization insurance benefits for a few days
= actual number of hospital days to 3 days; insured due to accidental injury diagnosed by the hospital to be hospitalized, we live from the insured
hospital the first day of the amount of insurance premiums paid hospitalization, namely: accidental injury hospitalization insurance payment amount = actual number of days of hospitalization days number
. During hospitalization insurance is usually valid for a few days the amount of insurance benefits up to 365 days.

2 Amount cancer hospitalization insurance: Insured resulting from initial cancer, diagnosed by the hospital to be hospitalized, the Company insured The actual number of people hospitalized
insurance payment amount cancer hospitalization insurance days. The validity of cancer hospitalization insurance liability insurance amount paid days
number up to 180 days.

two optional part

1 organ transplantation insurance: Insured diagnosed by the hospital and perform organ transplant surgery, according to the actual expenses of the Company reasonable and necessary expenses paid transplanted organ
organ transplant insurance. The validity of the insurance liability insurance premiums accrued for organ transplants
to pay the agreed amount of insurance.

2 surgical medical insurance: Insured diagnosed by the hospital and the implementation of non-organ transplant surgery, according to the actual expenses of the Company 80%
fees paid out of the surgery surgical medical insurance, liability insurance is valid during surgical medical insurance benefits accrued to the agreed
insured amount.

same organ transplant surgery and surgical medical insurance can not have both.

if the insured purposes listed in Table 3 elective surgery during the policy year, the liability of the Company according to 50% of the prescribed payment
(generally the amount of hospitalization insurance, cancer insurance hospitalization daily amount insured by half). However, if the insured continuous renewal
three years, from the beginning of the fourth year, the implementation of the operation are listed in Table 3, the liability of the Company according to 80% of the prescribed payment.



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