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Created 2013-12-16
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Title woolrich jas people voluntarily
Description NDRC: users reflect the charges injected flu vaccine investigation is not true - vaccination; flu vaccine - long urban
some friends recently to reflect a few areas of Shaanxi, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces injectable flu vaccine charges, the National Development and Reform Commission said today, after investigation and verification, the relevant local real injection of an ordinary flu or pneumonia vaccine, injected flu vaccine is no charge. Primary users reflect the temple in Xi'an flu vaccine injections charge of 90 yuan, in fact, the school organized regular flu vaccine. Specific vaccine GlaxoSmithKline's production of "influenza split vaccine", <a href="">woolrich sale</a> the price is regulated by the market. Users reflect Shandong with some schools give students a flu vaccine inoculation requirement per person to pay a fee ranging from 78-80 yuan, ordinary flu vaccine is actually organized by the school. Jiangsu specific vaccine extends biotech AG and Shanghai <a href="">Coach Sales</a> Institute of Biological Products production of "influenza split vaccine", the price is regulated by the market. Users reflect Dunzhen hospitals Xihu District Child flu vaccine imported 850 yuan a needle, in fact, produced by Wyeth "pediatric pneumonia vaccine", the price is regulated by the market. According to the feedback of users, the NDRC said local price departments <a href="">woolrich nederland</a> have been asked to strengthen price supervision and inspection, and severely punished vaccination process on price behavior, create favorable conditions for thevaccine work smoothly. According to the State Council, "further improve the prevention and control of H1N1 influenza notice" requirement, H1N1 influenza vaccine in accordance with "informed consent, voluntary free" the principles of vaccination. Other vaccines, according to the "vaccine distribution and vaccination regulations", where the vaccine into the national and local immunization programs, government pricing, government procurement, released free of charge to the masses; implement other vaccines regulated by the market, people voluntarily, at their own expense vaccination . (Reporter Feng Ya)