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Created 2013-12-11
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Title Gucci Outlet UK but in repeatedly asked his mothe
Description Men's purchase of pesticides to help the mother euthanasia continued: jailed for three years suspended for four years
Deng Jian Ming sentenced this morning to listen, obey the court said the decision did not dispute the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhou Wei photo "filial purchase pesticides to help the mother euthanasia case" Deng Jian Ming morning jailed for three years sentence suspended for two years this morning, Sichuan filial concern Deng Jian Ming "buy pesticides to help the mother euthanasia case", in Panyu district court for sentencing. Five judicial supervisors invited to the courtroom, a large number of media from around the country focus of the case. Pretrial Deng Jian Ming was charged with "intentional homicide", jailed for three years, suspended for four years running. Deng Jian Ming court said no objections to obey the decision, which means he will soon be released from prison. Court held that, in the case of Deng Jian Ming mother unbearable pain and suffering long-term, buy pesticide blending handed after taking his mother for failing to strongly discourage illegal deprivation of people's lives and it is against the law. But considering it was nearly 20 years without complaint to take care of his mother, and generally should be "intentional homicide" phase difference, then sentenced to three years, suspended for four years to make the sentencing decision. Deng Jian Ming lawyer Tangcheng Kui said, very pleased with the verdict, but also in line with expectations. "Strictly speaking, the case of euthanasia is not the full sense, because Deng Jian Ming limited knowledge to understand the law and cause of this tragedy." Tangcheng Kui think, to take over this case from the concern, the greatest feeling is the social Incomplete security system and the lack of relief mechanism, resulting in Deng Jian Ming mother was there again, "wanted to die" idea. Today morning, the wife of Deng Jian Ming Deng Jian Ming Hua Suying with a set of clean clothes present in the courtroom for sentencing. Together with her to appear in court as well as its <a href="">Chanel Online Shop</a> cousin, uncle and owner of the factory where the work of four. Huasu Ying told reporters that the reason to sit with her husband's clothes, is to get a lenient sentence Deng Jian Ming and take him home. On the verdict, Hua Suying also expressed more satisfaction. "Neighbors knew he was a dutiful son." For future plans after her husband was released from prison, said Hua Suying not clear. The court recalled the death of his mother and constantly seeking to fulfill reluctantly May 1 last year, 14 am, Deng Jian Ming Sichuan migrant workers to their rented in Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, the local police station. Said the mother