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To Advertise your business on Black Top Thunder Magazine, please view the following format for banner ad sizes and dimensions, pricing for each size banner and duration you wish to advertise. All banner ads will be served by your host. This is a more logical approach since you are not limited to content on animated banners. Please view the banner sizes below and after selecting the size that suites you, CLICK  on the Buy Now button and enter the correct amount for the size and duration of advertising you wish.

This site receives from 100000- 250000 visits a month.

Next you can email us with the Banner .gif  or .jpg URL and the URL to direct it to.

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We have seen ad rates as high as $3600.00 for small ads a year on other online magazines, We will give you a full page ad or  Blog where you can upload photos/videos, post new events, new boat styles and sales to, whatever you wish , for $4,000.00 annually, that's a Full Page ad.

FULL PAGE AD to view:

SAMPLE BLOG to view:

We can and do give you more personal service, HOW? we will see that you get 10,000 views the first month and we will continue to market that page with Special programs we own.

Below are Package Specials which need personalization at your particular location when selected, a representative will make an appointment for the specific needs, sign a contract with you  to start production of your ad.

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Full Banner (486 x 60 pixel):

$175.00 for 6 months     $350.00 for one year


Half Banner (234 x 60 pixel):

  $90.00 for six months   $180.00 one year

Rectangle (180 x 150 pixel):

$120.00 six months   $240.00 one year


Square Button (125 x 125 pixel):

$90.00 six months

$180.00 one year


    Micro Bar (88 x 31 pixel):

$75.00 six months

$150.00 one year

Large Rectangle (336 x 280 pixel):

$275.00 six months      $500.00 one year


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All packages must be approved and pre-paid with a contract agreement. After appointment is set, we will present to you exactly what to expect from the marketing packages we list along with the price.


1. We photograph your business inside and out. The photographs are then approved by you for insertion into your web site and printed brochures we offer. We design the slide show for web site insertion. We design a flyer which we list in various local advertising places. We upload your web site monthly to Search engines, Directories and classifieds. We attach your web site to high traffic blogs we own and blast it out with software we have. You will be listed in the top ten spots of many search engines for a year.


1. Includes the BRONZE Package plus we will have our Videographer design a video of your business for inclusion to you web site and sites like You Tube


1. Includes both a BRONZE and SILVER Packages plus we offer you a Custom designed web site, either Html, PHP, Flash etc. These will have to be displayed to you for your selection.


1.  Includes BRONZE and SILVER Packages and we bring in Models for the photo shoots and video.


1. This includes all other packages, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, an PLATINUM.


1. This includes four Models dressed per your approval for the Grand Opening of your establishment. We will also have a Radio announcement on a select radio station that is acceptable for your type of business entity.


1.  This is more of a Custom nature approach and should be discussed in person as to your needs. Whatever it may entail , we always have female models for hire for promo's, booths, events, spokes models. car shows, boat shows, major events. We can supply bands with the music of your choice.






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